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+355 4 2227612 [email protected] Rr. Dervish Hima, Ambasador 3, Kati 17, Ap.138, Tirana, ALBANIA

RINI Albania envisions an Albanian youth who are free and encouraged to make a full contribution to their country’s future

It carries out its mission by developing, supporting, and protecting the skills, talents, and dreams of Albanian youth

Our Organization

RINI Albania Foundation focuses its efforts on ensuring that young Albanians have the equal education and employment opportunities they need to contribute to society and build positive, meaningful lives.  Young people have skills, talents, and dreams that our country needs for its future.  We believe that an Equal Opportunities Policy will ensure that all young people

RINI Albania is a non-profit organization, registered with the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.  We began our work in February 2015 with a strong commitment to involve and serve young Albanians.  Our resources come from the corporate profits of Headhunter, as well as from institutional donors and individual supporters.

Discover How to Support Our Work

Become a Volunteer

RINI Albania welcomes the skills, talents, and time of volunteers.  Our volunteers make a real impact on the lives of youth and have fun doing it.  If you would to share your time in our work and events, kindly contact us and join our team.

Become a Donor

Financial contributions from supporters like you are critical to serving youth and creating more opportunities for them to grow.  If you are interested in supporting RINI Albania financially, kindly contact us

Report Employment Discrimination

To build a culture of compliance of the Anti-Discrimination Law in Albania

The project intends to build a culture of compliance of the ADL in Albania by increasing the knowledge and raising the awareness of HR Managers and Recruiters, as well as Employees and Job Seekers on the dispositions of the 2010 law.

RINI Albania will adopt a two-pronged approach, simultaneously addressing Employers andEmployees to build momentum for compliance for the ADL—ie, activating rights bearers and rights holders.

RINI Albania will enhance the understanding and respect of the anti-discrimination dispositions by organizing seminars for HR Managers and Recruiters in several regions of Albania. The content of these seminars will be prepared in close cooperation with the National Labor Office and include best practices in terms of HR recruitment and management.

At the same time, RINI Albania will increase awareness amongst Employees and Job Seekers on the ADL. RINI Albania has observed that once informed and trained Employees and Job Seekers are in a better position to defend themselves from discrimination and abuse, and defend others. Employees and Job Seekers will be trained to react to situations of discrimination or abuse, report cases and support colleagues. These sessions, combined with the distribution of leaflets and information, are likely to produce spillover effects and change in the work-place in Albania.

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